KEYS TO MUSIC Activity Kit

Item No: 6201


Explore keyboard geography with our hands-on, feet-on 5-octave floor keyboard!

  • Learn musical directions as you step up/down, right/left.
  • Learn note names with games using beanbags and plastic letters.
  • Toss the beanbags or stretch yourself in Musical Twister to identify note names, accidentals, intervals, and chords.
  • Add an extra keyboard to accommodate a larger class.

Double-sided tape on the back of the mat lets you attach it to the floor, or stretch it across the wall to decorate for a spectacular bulletin board display. Mat rolls up for easy storage.

Complete Activity Kit

What's included:

  • Floor Keyboard (6003) 2-ft. x 10-ft. lightweight woven synthetic keyboard mat. Also great to use on table or floor at recitals and receptions.
  • Letters & Bean Bags (6008) 14 plastic 4½" letters (blue & red), 3 bean bags (4")
  • Activities & Games Sheet by Mary Ann Stewart. 


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