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From the producer of the Emmy award-winning Beethoven Lives Upstairs, these engaging PBS videos have won many accolades: 'Best of 1995 Video Picks' (Parents Magazine), '10 Best New Kids' Shows' (TV Guide), & more. In fictionalized story form, each video presents the composer's music in the context of his life. The stories are a wonderful vehicle to introduce classical music to young children, personalizing the lives of the composers within the historical and social milieu of the period.

Bach's Fight for Freedom, set in 1717, tells how Bach struggles to follow his dream, which is shared by his 10-year-old assistant Frederick. But his patron, Duke Wilhelm, attempts to stifle his creativity. This story shows how the system of patronage controlled a musician's livelihood, but proves that a true artist is always destined to follow his own heart and be his own master through creative independence. Hear Brandenburg Concertos No. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, Violin Concerto in A Minor, and more.
Approximately 50 minutes. DVD 

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