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by LeAnn Haggard (2006 National Dance Teacher of the Year).

Progresses through a warm-up, isolations, circle loco motor movements, and cardio-rhythmic routines, ending with a cool down, using diverse music.

Guide includes instructions, goals of each routine and a vocabulary of rhythmic terms. For ages 5-9.


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1. Space Rock Warm-up
2. Break Beat Boogie (Warm Ups)
3. Wiggle and Walk (Warm Ups)
4. Feel The Beat - African Style (High Energy Dance Style Routines)
5. Funky Fitness - Latin Style (High Energy Dance Style Routines)
6. Techno Trek - Hip Hop Style (High Energy Dance Style Routines)
7. Classical Connection (Slow Down Routines)
8. Jazzy Jazz (Slow Down Routines)
9. Feel The Beat (Pick Up The Beat)
10. Funky Fitness (Pick Up The Beat)
11. Techno Trek (Pick Up The Beat)
12. Space Rock Warm-Up (Instrumental)
13. Break Beat Boogie (Instrumental)
14. Wiggle and Walk (Instrumental)
15. Feel The Beat (Instrumental)
16. Funky Fitness (Instrumental)
17. Techno Trek (Instrumental)
18. Classical Connection (Instrumental)
19. Jazzy Jazz (Instrumental)


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