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This outstanding series by Keith and Rusty McNeil chronicles the history of the United States through narration and song. This 3-hr, 3-CD set includes songs and historical notes from Cowboy life. All ages will love the music, and the series is excellent for junior and senior high music and history classes.

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The Beginnings:
Goodbye Old Paint; El Alabado⁄La Paloma; El Rancho Grande; La Sandunga; Spanish is the Loving Tongue; The Cyclone Blues; The Farrows; Diamond Joe; What Was Your Name in the States; The Lakes of Panchartrain; ON the Lake of the Poncho Plains; A Grant; A Prisoner for Life

Cowboy Life:
The Strawberry Roan; Blood on the Saddle; The Zebra Dun; Miss Aledo; Windy Bill; The Texas Idol; The Dreary, Dreary Life; The Wild Rippling Water; The Fair Lady of the Plains; Utah Carl; Cowboy Jack; The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

From Texas to Kansas:
Home on the Range; I'd Like to be in Texas When They Round Up in the Spring; Juan Murray; The Cowboy's Heaven; The Railroad Corral; Bury Me Out on the Prairie; The Cowboy; John Garner's Trail herd, The Old Chisolm Trail; El Corridor De Kiansis; Downey Gal; When You and I Were Young Maggie

On the Trail:
The Streets of Laredo; The Old Man Rockin' the Cradle⁄ Get Along Little Doggies; Little Joe the Wranger; Punchin' Dough; Hell in Texas; When the Work's All Done this Fall; Night Herding Song; The Colorado Trail; Jim the Roper; Montana; I'm Going to Leave Old Texas Now

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