Item No: 4907


by Laura Johnson, Diane Waldron.

A small bean bag packs a lot of power - Kids love the tactile feel of holding a bean bag, and it helps them to learn important concepts without their even realizing it.

Bean Bag manipulatives help children learn body identification, rhythm, team work, balance, along with the added benefit of improved coordination.

Lively original music, sing-able lyrics and activities make this a popular resource to use with preschoolers and early elementary classes. Also includes tracks that are instrumental only.

Additional Info

Songs Include:

  • Bean Bag Kick Line (Eye Hand/Eye Foot Coordination)
  • Tom Tom Bean Bag (Left/Right Discrimination & Crossing the Midline)
  • Bean Bag Carousel (Individual Toss and Catch)
  • On The March (Balance, Body Identification)
  • Beanie's Song (Partner Toss and Catch)
  • Musical Bean Bags (Passing Game, Fast and Slow)


Listen to Samples:

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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