Item No: 4355


An exclusive music and movement game kit, created by Mary Ann Stewart for Music in Motion. A host of music games and activities have been adapted to the childhood favorite sidewalk game of hopscotch.

Basic movement skills, balance, and coordination improve by "leaps and bounds", while the perceptual experiences of the games lead to an understanding of music fundamentals. Listening and ear training play an active role in many of the games. Through singing, step bells, or other instruments, students reinforce pitch, melodic direction, rhythm, whole and half steps, the scale, etc. as they play the games.

Includes an interlocking 10-piece foam rubber hopscotch mat (made of 10" squares) with removable numbers, two 4" bean bags, an activity booklet and zippered carrying bag.

This kit also coordinates with Music's My Bag (Q179) and King Keyboard (Q182).


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