Item No: 2934


Model: MGB-GB

Fine quality at economy prices, with note names on bars. All-wood resonator, 16 metal bars bars (35mm x 10mm), including F# and B chromatics plus a bag to store the 3 accidentals lower f-sharp, b-flat and higher f-sharp. 2 mallets included. 


  • 16 Specially alloyed aluminum bars, C-A1
  • Tuned to A 440
  • Overtone tuning to A
  • Fundamental tuning from Bb
  • C Major scale with F#, Bb, and F#1
  • Range:
    Soprano - c" - a"'
    Alto - c' - a"
    Bass - c - a'
  • Chambered resonator box made of birch plywood
  • Includes 1 pair of mallets
  • Bar bag to store accidental bars
  • Note name stamped in the middle of the bar & inside of each resonator chamber
  • Replaceable Pins & Tubing

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