MUTEFLUTE Student Recorder Mute Package/24

Item No: 29028



The MuteFlute is a simple and practical solution to partially or totally mute recorders! A godsend for teachers and parents who need to keep the volume down while students practice.

Simply clip the MuteFlute into the sound hole of the recorder, and blow gently. With the tab facing to the right as you're playing, you'll get a nice muted tone (about 80% quieter than without). If you clip it with the tab facing to the left, then you'll get a completely muted sound (air only), though students can still hear the pitch.

Plus, it's impossible to overblow! If you blow too hard, the recorder won't play. The MuteFlute helps students develop breath control as they practice.

Muteflute works with most popular classroom recorder brands including Yamaha, Tudor, Aulos, Angel (26030), Canto, and more. Recorders with a smaller sound hole such as Candy Apple will only play in silent mode.

Pack of 24, assorted colors.


  • Allows students to practice quietly without disturbing classmates, other classrooms, family, or neighbors
  • Helps develop breath control
  • Prevents overblowing


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