SUMBLOX: 3D Blocks for Music and Math

Item No: 28160


We believe that manipulatives are the best tools to learn new concepts and increase retention. So we love SumBlox: beautifully carved stackable wooden numbers that are sized according to their value. Students can easily see the relative values of numbers by their height. Stack the blocks to see equivalent sums (ex: two 3s are the same height as three 2s). In music class, use the blocks to sing and play counting songs and games, learn musical concepts, or create melodies.

Combine the blocks horizontally with MUSIC-GO-ROUNDS™ and Resonator Bells to explore pitch, intervals, scale, and melody. Or stack 3 odd or 3 even numbers vertically as chords, then play them simultaneously to see and hear the concept of harmony. Play music and math games with the Jumbo Cube and Number Spinner. SumBlox are also fun to build with! Up to 6".

Set of 76 Solid Hard Beech Wood SumBlox with a Deck of 80 Activity Cards.

What's included:

  • 76 total blocks: 28 single blocks, 12 two blocks, 8 three blocks, 6 four blocks, 4 of each 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks & 2 ten blocks
  • 80 Double-Sided Activity Cards


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