RHYTHM CLOCK, DVD & Carrying Bag

Item No: 28106


Discover metric values and relationships of music, math, geometry, geography, and time—all in one clever tool!

Explore rhythmic values and relationships as you manipulate pieces of the wooden puzzle, which are color-coded to match the Note Knacks Kit (6006, 6019) and Jumbo Dice (28001).

31 proportionally sized wooden pieces display note values, fractions, decimals, angles and degrees on one side and rest values and percentages on the other. And if that’s not enough, this clever puzzle also reveals compass directions and a clock face on the wooden base.

Watch the DVD to hear and learn about rhythms. And don't forget to share this amazing manipulative measuring tool with math and science teachers, too! Music really is central to education, and Rhythm Clock proves the point!

Puzzle Board & 31 pieces, DVD, & carrying bag.

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