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Interactive fun for all ages! Use “feelings” cards as ice-breakers and discussion starters, for role play, movement activities, and as props for storytelling, writing, and drawing.

101 little printed cards with “feelings words”—gleeful, insecure, grateful, angry, cranky, courageous, hopeful, and many more in 3" recyclable plastic screwtop jar.

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Activity Ideas:

  • Match “feeling” words to the emojis. 
  • Play “What Am I Feeling?” Charades, or “What’s my Opposite?” (excited/bored; happy/sad, etc.). 
  • Find “Hidden Feelings” in a Hide ‘n Seek game; have a Scavenger Hunt to find feelings that match written clues. 
  • Listen to music and find feelings that describe it. 
  • Move to music in a “Feelings-Go-Round” Circle Game; when the music stops, interpret the “feeling” in front of you.

Teacher Tip: Use with Music-Go-Rounds EMOJIS to expand vocabulary and play games. 

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