Studio 49 Compact Line ALTO XYLOPHONE with Grillodur Bars

Item No: 26198


Model: AXG 1000

The compact style of this xylophone saves storage space and allows for easy transportation. The unique design also allows for playing on tables from a sitting or standing position.

The six resonance chambers the alto range ensure balanced quality and sound. 

Grillodur is a highly refined fiberglass material that offer high-impact resistance and hold their pitch through strong changes of temperature and humidity; have outstanding sound and are appropriate for making music in outdoor settings.


  • 16 bars 32 x 14 mm made of Grillodur
  • Diatonic alto xylophone, C1 – A2
  • Letter and solfege notation on each bar
  • Notation can be safely removed from Grillodur using acetone
  • Compact resonator box crafted from solid pine
  • Integrated handles for easy movement
  • Multiple resonance chambers for harmonic sound quality
  • Durable, fabric-coated bar seating
  • Includes F# and Bb bars and pair of mallets

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