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An Introduction to 100 Years of American Popular Music DVD/CD-ROM by Daniel Glass.

Renowned drummer and educator Daniel Glass weaves commentary, vintage photos, and live performances into his 16-part presentation of the fascinating development of popular music in America from the end of the Civil War through the British Invasion. He connects styles, instruments, cultures, and historical events in each brief segment, followed by full performances of each style in a bonus feature. This convenient, flexible format makes this an excellent resource for music appreciation classes, enhanced by a CD-R of downloadable PDF teacher guides and student activity sheets.

Segments cover the effects of slavery, immigration, post-civil-war brass bands and march music, ragtime, early jazz, blues, singers and songwriters, swing era, bebop, R & B, Country and Rockabilly, Early Rock 'n' Roll, and the British Invasion. Jr. High-College.
DVD & Enhanced CD


  • Explores the instrumentation of a pop music ensemble, showing how a horn-based military band eventually transformed into a small combo dominated by rhythm instruments.
  • Looks at the relationship of vocal and instrumental music, showing how they have shifted in importance over the decades.
  • Details how the blueprint for the pop music formula we still follow today was established during the British Invasion era of Rock’n’Roll.
  • 2-Disc package includes a 100-minute video program with special bonus performances, plus a 65-page eBook that contains Teacher Guides and reproducible Student Guides and Activity Sheets.

Additional Info

Musical eras:

  • Brass Bands/March Music
  • Ragtime/Syncopation
  • Early Jazz (New Orleans)
  • Blues and Blues Singers
  • 1920s Jazz (Chicago-style)
  • Great American Songbook
  • Big Band Swing
  • Bebop Jazz
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Country/Rockabilly
  • Early Rock’n’Roll
  • The British Invasion



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