12-HOLE OCARINA (Assorted Colors)

Item No: 22075


Join the ocarina revolution! This sturdy 12-hole plastic ocarina, tuned to the key of C, makes a wonderful classroom instrument for grades 3 and up. With the same range as a soprano recorder, it can be played alongside other C-tuned instruments in your classroom. Recessed finger grooves for the small holes are ergonomically designed for ease of play. The linear fingering makes it a great pre-band instrument.

6.75" long. Available in red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, or green. Includes neck strap and fingering chart. Color-coded songbook also available.

  • Ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold and play, even for small hands
  • Sweet sound that is gentle on the ears--you can't overblow or make it shriek
  • It's a unique piece of world history: ocarinas dates back 12,000 years to ancient Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures


How to play the 12-hole ocarina:

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