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Music Ace Deluxe™ combines 36 of the highly-engaging music lessons from the award-winning Music Ace and Music Ace 2 products into a single, carefully sequenced product.

Designed by music education professionals, Music Ace Deluxe is a comprehensive series of music lessons and games that teach beginning music students of all ages the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard. No previous musical experience or instrument is required.

Under the guidance of animated tutor Maestro Max, students are led through a carefully sequenced series of music lessons. Used alone or as a complement to traditional music lessons, this program will challenge, engage and motivate music students and help them succeed by mastering important music concepts and skills.

Music Ace Deluxe also includes the creative Music Doodle Pad that allows beginners to easily compose and hear their own musical creations. The Music Doodle Pad alone provides many hours of fun and learning.

  • Easy to use, self-paced learning
  • Complements traditional music instruction
  • Appropriate for students of any instrument
  • Create and play your own music
  • Compatible with General MIDI keyboards (keyboard optional)
  • Tracks progress of 10 users

Additional Info


Thirty-six engaging, self-paced lessons that accelerate development of fundamental music skills and music theory.
1. Introduction to the Staff
2. Intro. to the Piano Keyboard
3. Beat and Tempo
4. Playing with Pitch
5. The ABC's of the Piano Keyboard
6. Hearing Rhythms
7. More Piano ABC's
8. The ABC's of the Staff
9. Basic Rhythm Notation
10. The ABC's of the Treble Staff
11. More Treble Staff ABC's
12. The Quarter Rest
13. Below the Treble Staff
14. Melody
15. Above the Treble Staff
16. The Measure
17. The ABC's of the Bass Staff
18. Above the Bass Staff
19. Notes Longer Than a Beat
20. Below the Bass Staff
21. Dotted Quarter Notes
22. Half Steps and Whole Steps
23. Rests
24. Sharps and Flats
25. Sharps and Flats on the Staff
26. Syncopation
27. The Key Signature
28. Introduction to Major Scales
29. Sixteenth Notes
30. Sharp Key Signatures
31. Three Sounds per Beat
32. The Time Signature
33. Flat Key Signatures
34. The 6/8 Time Signature
35. Minor Scales
36. Introduction to Harmony


System Requirements:

Music Ace is sold on a hybrid download that runs both Windows and Macintosh Platforms. Not compatible with iPads or Chromebooks.


  • XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 32 and 64 bit
  • 50 MB free RAM
  • 60 MB free hard disk space
  • 16-bit sound
  • CD-ROM drive and mouse
  • General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 50 MB free RAM
  • 60 MB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive and mouse
  • General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL
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