PANDA AND THE MOON Musical: Performance Kit

Item No: 21563


A Reproducible Musical by Erik Whitehill.

Join Panda and his good friend Moon as they explore the Happy Valley Zoo and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

Flexible enough to incorporate one class or an entire grade, Erik Whitehill’s brilliantly orchestrated original musical offers a one-of-a-kind experience for elementary students.

Demonstration recordings, accompaniment tracks, and reproducible resources, including lyric sheets, scripts, PowerPoints, and instrumental parts, can be found on the included CD. Gr. K-2.

Paperback & Audio/Data CD

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  • Foreword
  • Performance Notes
  • Characters
  • Panda Prologue
  • Panda Poem I
  • Panda and the Moon
  • I Don't Want to Be a Panda
  • Monkey Poem
  • Monkey Transition
  • Monkey Rap
  • I Don't Want to Be a Monkey
  • Fishy Poem
  • Aquarium Transition
  • The Fish Song
  • I Don't Want to Be a Fishy
  • Aviary Transition
  • Peacock Poem
  • Peacock Song
  • I Don't Want to Be Peacock
  • Panda Transition
  • Panda and the Moon (Reprise)
  • Panda Poem II
  • Proud to Be a Panda

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