JAZZ FLY 3 The Caribbean Sea Hardback w/Audio

Item No: 21150


Award-winning children's intro to jazz by Matthew Gollub, illus. by Karen Hanke. Scat along with rhythmic, rhyming lyrics, clever art, and top-drawer jazz!

In JAZZ FLY 3: The Caribbean Sea, the Jazz Bugs groove to Afro-Caribbean jazz on a cruise caught in a storm. Critters speak a little French and Spanish…and scat! Bonjour, bonbonjour. Wa-ba ZEE ba-VOO!
Hardback with CD and free audio download


Preview video below for samples pages and audio for Jazz Fly 3.

About Matthew Gollub

Matthew Gollub is an internationally-known children’s author who has performed at over 1,000 schools. A dynamic drummer and bilingual (English / Spanish) presenter, he inspires students and teachers to bring stories to life. His 20 picture books have garnered dozens of awards and distinctions. While his musical narrations accompany some of his most popular books, including The Jazz Fly series, he also has written traditional picture books set in Mexico and Japan where he has lived. He lives with his family in Santa Rosa, California, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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