SHAKIN' IT UP! Songbook & CD

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By Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse

"If you can read it rhythmically, you will be stronger musically." That’s the premise of this focused songbook which introduces your students to 10 popular rhythm band instruments and the typical rhythms they play. Have some students sing, some play along—then trade!

10 unison songs with rhythm instruments for singing, playing, and learning. Each song features a different instrument. Includes reproducible song-sheets.

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Song Titles:

  • Shakin It Up! (Shakers)
  • Olé (Castanets)
  • Hit Those Sticks (Rhythm Sticks)
  • A Crash Course (Cymbals)
  • t's Time for Dinner! (Triangle)
  • Tick Tock (Woodblock)
  • Rum ba da Dum Bum Bum (Drum)
  • Shake My Maracas (Maracas)
  • The Old Soft Shoe (Sandpaper Blocks)
  • My New Tambourine (Tambourine).

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