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    Developing Musicianship with Songs from Around the World by Mari Schay.

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    Children of different cultures share a love of music. Kostadin of Bulgaria has a passion for the kaval, a type of flute, but his father frowns on it because he needs his help in the fields.

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    Children of different cultures share one thing: a love of music which is their source of joy and motivation. Carlito lives in Columbia and wants to play accordion in the "Vallenato" musical style that he grew up hearing.

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    Children around the world share a passion for music.  Lucumi, from Havana, has heard the drums all his life and dreams of becoming a great rhumbero.

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    Children of different cultures share one thing: a love of music which is their source of joy and motivation.  12 yr. old Antonio lives in Andalusia. Born into a Gypsy family of flamenco artists, he dreams of performing on television. 


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    Children of different cultures focuses on a  young child’s devotion to a traditional instrument, its history and making,and how musical traditions are passed on. Highly recommended!  

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    A Musical Safari of Drumming, Singing and Moving by Denise Hollingworth & Carole Searle.

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    When Jewish and Palestinian grade schoolers meet in a ballroom dance class in Jaffa, Israel, sparks fly. Pierre Dulaine is challenged to teach not just dance but the arts of communication and teamwork.

  • MUSICAL JOURNEYS Classroom DVD Kits (7-DVDs)

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    The history of music from European Ars Antiqua through American Rock.  Each DVD has two 30-min live performances before student audiences. 

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    Boston Youth Symphony players are taken completely out of their comfort zones.

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    by Lynn Kleiner.  Explore the jungle using gestures, movement, body percussion, instruments, food, sound effects, dramatic play, and much more!

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    by Rachel Isadora

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