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  • $12.95

    Can Your Voice Do This? comp.  by John Feierabend.  Children explore the wonders of the human voice through stories, ideas, poems, songs that invite participation.

  • $14.95

    You Sing, I Sing.  comp. by John Feierabend.  Call and response singing is engaging and a step beyond echo songs to help children become "tuneful, beatful, and artful."

  • The Book of CANONS

    Item No: 9241

    comp. by John Feierabend. 155 secular and sacred rounds and canons from folk, international, and classical song traditions.

  • $14.95

     I'll Sing After you comp. by John Feierabend.  Traditional echo folk songs are fun—and ideal for inspiring children to develop singing independence. 

  • FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC for Upper Elementary Grades

    Item No: 99584
    ($176 Value - Save $7)

    John Feierabend’s song collections for singing, moving, exploring, pretending, and interacting

5 Results

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