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    Item No: 1698

    These Latin-American Maracas are constructed of the very finest imported hardwoods and are hand painted in brilliant assorted colors. 

  • $7.95

     Handcrafted in Mexico, each has a detailed hand-painted design. 8"

  • $125.00

    Latin American Rhythm Kit for 6 players with instructional DVD designed to teach proper technique, rhythm, and participation to students.


    Item No: 3208

    14" colorful guiro from South America. Draw the stick across the carved notches in the wood to produce a distinctive "rasping" sound. 

  • $15.95

    This Latin American Guiro is in the traditional fish shape. Made of fine wood and hand painted.


    Item No: 4518

    An important part of Latin American dance music, these 9" claves have a clear, crisp sound when struck together.


    Item No: 4520

    Bright crisp sound with handle to make it easy for children to play.

  • LATIN RHYTHM Instruments Set

    Item No: 2900
    ($127 Value - Save $8)

    This set offers authentic instruments that are quality made and sound great!

8 Results

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