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  • $12.95
    3 or more for $10.95 ea.
    These colorful plastic maracas can be shaken by the handle to create a bright sound, or held in the hand like an egg shaker for a more muted sound
  • STIR DRUM Large

    Item No: 26005

    with handle. Wooden, with a mallet to stir up 8 different pitches. 10".

  • $23.95

    Because of the sharp tone of this seed, these rattles can cut through the sound of many drums. Great for drum circles!

  • $27.00

    These Nigerian bells have a very distinct tone-- more like a cowbell than the Togo Gonkogwe bells, which have a brighter tone.


    Item No: 1698

    These Latin-American Maracas are constructed of the very finest imported hardwoods and are hand painted in brilliant assorted colors. 


    Item No: 2041

    This colorful rattle, known as caxixi ("ka-she-she"), is made from river grass colored with fabric dyes and a calabash (gourd).

  • $14.95

    This wooden two-tone agogo bell can be played by striking each tone block (high and low) or by using the handle of the mallet to scratch across the grooved surface of each block.

  • $24.95

    Authentic native instrument from Nigeria. Stick included.

  • WOOD GONG Small

    Item No: 2231

    Authentic native instrument from Nigeria.  8" w/striker.

  • $19.95

    Played with a stick (included), these gongs keep the beat as people march through the towns and villages celebrating the bountiful harvest.

  • $19.95

    Woven together with string and attached to a rope handle. Authentic native instrument from Nigeria.


    Item No: 2237

    This Waistband Rattle is made of seed pods woven into a belt, great as a hand-held shaker too!

  • $22.00

    7 key, 8". From South Africa.


    Item No: 2264

    These brass finger cymbals are very sturdy and have a lovely sound.


    Item No: 2317

    8", with hanger.

  • $7.95

     Handcrafted in Mexico, each has a detailed hand-painted design. 8"


    Item No: 2470

    The beads on the strings act as the drumsticks and generate a perfect drum roll with a constant spin of the drum.

  • $25.00

    Comes with scraper and story card with playing tips. 10"

  • $19.95

    Includes a Story Card with background and playing tips. 6"


    Item No: 26029

    Used for meditation, music, and relaxation, each Nepalese hand- hammered brass bowl "sings" in its own vibrant voice, pulsating with harmonic overtones. 

65 Results

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