The Search for the Most Talented Reindeer of Them All
by Sally Albrecht and Jay Althouse, recording orchestrated by Steve Herold.

Santa's eight reindeer audition for the roll of Most Talented Reindeer. Each reindeer has special characteristics to play up to make this reality show adventure totally entertaining. Dasher does everything FAST. Vixen is everything her name implies. Comet is going straight to the top. Mrs. Claus, Santa and Steven (Susan) Cruelle are the judges.

Audience could vote at each performance, or the kids could vote earlier, or you an choose a different reindeer each time. Add commercials or special numbers so the votes can be counted. But the prize must be shared, as the last song, We All Are Winners Here says. Gr. 3 and up. 40 minutes.

Choose from these options:

  • Preview Pack (7209)
  • Director's Score (7207)
  • Singer's 5-Pack (7208) includes songs and scripts
  • SoundTrax CD (7211) for performance
  • Performance Kit (7210) includes Director's Score, Singer's Edition 10-Pack and SoundTrax CD

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Track Listings:

1   & 12. The North Pole Star (Star Singers)
2   & 13. I Do Everything Fast (Dasher and Star Singers)
3   & 14. The Answer Is Prancer! (Prancer and Star Singers)
4   & 15. I Love To Dance (Dancer and Star Singers)
5   & 16. My Name Is Vixen (Vixen and Star Singers)
6   & 17. I'm Goin' Straight To The Top! (Comet and Star Singers)
7   & 18. You Must Love Me (Cupid and Star Singers)
8   & 19. The Spirit Of The Season (Donner and Star Singers)
9   & 20. It's A Blitz! (Blitzen and Star Singers)
10 & 21. We Are All Winners Here (All)
11 & 22. Finale/Bows (All)
12 - 22 Accompaniments

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