Music-Go-Rounds Manipulatives

When kids play with Music-Go-Rounds—in group games, listening & movement activities, at the whiteboard, on charts, or in centers—they build confidence and skills. Manipulatives are like hands for your brain: they help you “grasp,” understand, and remember concepts. Like building blocks, the elements of music can be combined in wondrous ways.

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  • WORD WALL KIT & 4 Music-Go-Rounds Sets

    Item No: 99248
    ($127 Value - Save $28)

    Introduce terms and concepts with the word wall and play games and explore the concepts with Music-Go-Rounds silicone manipulatives on whiteboard and charts. PDF Guides with each MGR set provide many activities and games.

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  • Introduce terms/symbols with a word wall of colorful posters and then interact with them using our Music-Go-Rounds manipulatives in songs, grooves, listening. Our PDF Guides offer many games and activities. 

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  • Visualize the elements on posters and explore them with our silicone manipulatives.

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  • Move-to-Read Kit CHROMATIC ADD-ONS

    Item No: 99447
    ($91 Value - Save $12)

    Extend the understanding from our basic Move-to-Read kit (99436) by adding chromatic notes, key signatures, the circle of 5ths, and a glock to hear pitches, intervals, melody & harmony.  

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    Item No: 99513
    ($19 Value - Save $3)

    Both poster and spinner have PDF Activity Guides with many suggestions for teaching and games involving both color and keys.

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  • CIRCLE OF 5ths Kit

    Item No: 99526
    ($88 Value - Save $19)

    Poster, Spinner, Music-Go-Rounds Mini Theory in All Keys & Wipe-Off Charts with PDF Activity Guides by Mary Ann Stewart.

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  • ORCHESTRATE & CONDUCT with Music-Go-Rounds Kit

    Item No: 99529
    ($267 Value - Save $28)

    Kit includes Knick Knack Paddy Whack Book/Enhanced CD with online access to animation and music, Conducting Poster, Baton, 15-Instruments, and 5 sets of Music-Go-Rounds.

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  • ($260 Value - Save $31)

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    Play, sing, and step the chromatic scale, major/minor/diminished triads, and more on both staff and keyboards mats.


8 Results

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