• 3 - $58.50 per 1

Discovery is in the bag! BodySox™ are available in four sizes, based on user's height and made from a translucent LYCRA® with a reinforced hook and loop-closed entrance. Assorted colors (Colors vary with availability).

Once inside, users find themselves in a private domain that begs for kinesthetic exploration. As they move, their shapes become amorphous, or transform into fascinating sculptures. Because the Lycra is translucent they can see the shapes being created around them.

Watch children and adults become enraptured as they explore the 3-dimensional space they individually occupy, and find out how easy that space is to transform and how this transformation is affected by balance and coordination.

Winner of the Early Childhood Directors' Choice AwardBodySox™ will inspire your own Magical Performance!

Choose from these options:

  • Small (6183) 
    40" x 27" wide: age range 3-5 years old or 3'2" to 3'10"
  • Medium (6185) 
    47" x 27" wide: age range 5-8 years old or 3'10" to 4'9"
  • Large (6186) 
    56" x 28" wide: age range 8 - 12 yrs or 4'9" to 5'4"
  • Extra Large (6187) 
    66" x 28" wide: Adult or 5'4" to 6'


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