MAO’S LAST DANCER: Autobiography, Children’s Books, & Movie

11-yr.-old Li Cunxin is taken from his family to train at the Beijing Ballet Academy during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. He dances his way to freedom and international acclaim when he courageously defects to the USA. 3 versions of this incredible true story: for adults, young readers, and children.

BAKE YOU A PIE: A Tasty Treat on Musical Styles

Baby, don’t cry. It’s time for pie! Pies and music are the ultimate comfort food, for little ones of every ilk, in Bake You a Pie, a hardback book and CD by Ellen Olson-Brown & Brian Claflin, illus. by Jeffrey Ebbeler. This story-song book with CD introduces some pretty silly pies, with clever rhyming verses, … Read more

THE BACH PROJECT: Documentary Film by Michael Lawrence

Though it is now in post-production, you can preview some of the unedited film clips of musicians, scholars, writers and others involved in the project, including a research scientist involved in MRI  scans of  the active musical brain. Even Glenn Gould and Rosalyn Tureck take part in the project posthumously, thanks to their estates. Film should be available in Summer 2009.

Click to watch clips of the following:

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