Tennis Ball Fun! Guest Post by Denise Gagne

Tennis Ball Fun! Tennis Ball Fun and Relative Note Values Create a chart that includes a whole note, two half notes, four quarters and 8 eighth notes.  This activity is from the resource, Rhythm Instrument Fun.  This is a great resource – click to see a demo on Rhythm Instrument Fun. Introduce these note values to … Read more


Don’t miss this first-ever live-streamed performance from the Vienna State Opera! RENEE FLEMING IN DER ROSENKAVALIER SUNDAY OCT. 27, 2013  11 am CDT “Whenever Renee Fleming has sung the role of the Marschallin…the audience has been virtually at the American soprano’s feet. Visitors to the State Opera can now see for themselves why this is … Read more

MUSIC MEMORY CONTEST: A Four-Generation Texas Tradition

FOUR GENERATIONS OF MUSIC MEMORY When Mollie Tower-Gregory got the idea for a Music Memory Contest in Texas elementary schools in 1977, encouraged by her father’s elementary school music experiences, she never dreamed that it would one day involve thousands of students and spread across the country. The Music Memory program now encompasses thousands of … Read more