Opera for Kids: Free Resources from the Met

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 Educator Guides to the Operas

Plan an opera study unit for your students based on one of the operas in the
2010-11 Metropolitan Opera season, climaxing with a Night at the Opera in a local movie theater or at your school. The Met Live in HD series offers free opera-specific educational guides you can use to prepare students for viewing the opera performance, including classroom activities, story synopsis, background on the opera and composer, musical highlights with audio clips, post-opera activities, and more.

Note to Teachers: Have your kids write a paragraph on their “Night at the Opera,” and we’ll share some on our blog or website.

Opera in the Classroom Program

 The Metropolitan Opera has partnered with some school districts around the country to bring their HD Live opera productions into schools. Please check to see if your school district participates, as this brings opera free to students. If your school is not participating, contact the Met to see how you can bring the program to your school.

1 thought on “Opera for Kids: Free Resources from the Met”

  1. That´s wonderful! My son loves the Opera because he always listened to it since he was a toddler . Everytime before we travel to New York City , we used to check The Metropolitan Opera Season , so he can choose which one he wants to attend . The last time we were at the MET , my son was so excited that he started to whisper Libiamo from La Traviata , but unfortunately it´s impossible to do that .

    The Opera is the most complete art of all. It incorporates elements such as acting, singing, dancing ….It´s a real voyage throught time that appears on every stage showing beautiful scenes and great artist .

    If we teach our children to love the Opera, we are planting inside of them the best seeds for near future and those are love and sensibility.

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