BEAN BAG ACTIVITIES & Coordination Skills



for early childhood and adaptable for special education. 

Created by Georgiana Stewart with songs by Jill Gallina, Bean Bag Activities & Coordination Skills is a classic bean bag action and movement hit!

Help children develop gross motor skills, increase balance, enhance directionality and right/left discrimination through movement and action songs.

Individual and group activities challenge kids preschool through lower elementary while having fun.

Includes Guide with lyrics and instructions. Instrumental tracks of songs also included. Ages 3 to 8.

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  • Digtal Download (22043)

Additional Info

Songs Include:

  • Who's Got the Bean Bag? (circle passing game)
  • Make Friends with a Bean Bag (toss & catch)
  • Bean Bag Rock (rhythms & body identification)
  • How Many Ways? (right/left discrimination)
  • Bean Bag Catch (throw & catch with partner)
  • Pass the Bean Bag (slow & fast)
  • Bean Bag Parade (marching, balance)


Listen to Samples:

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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