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An American Methodology curriculum for K-6 by Ann Eisen and Lamar Roberson.

What's included:

  • AN AMERICAN METHODOLOGY: An Inclusive Approach to Musical Literacy 2nd ed. (9061) 
    This text was written to answer two questions about Kodaly philosophy: 1. What do I teach next? 2. How do I keep up with preparation and practice in the same lesson? It presents musical elements in sequential format by year for K-6; clarifies the terms preparation, presentation, and practice; contains song lists, a glossary, model lesson plans, a song index, and an appendix of rhymes and songs. 440 pp. Spiral Paperback
  • YEARLY PLANS (9062) coordinates with American Methodology, with sequenced lessons by grade level that cover the school year. Spiral Paperback
  • FROM FOLK SONGS TO MASTERWORKS: Art Music Listening Lessons for Gr. K-6 (6688)
    A primary objective of “listening” in a Kodaly-based music lesson is to practice a learned element in a selection of art music.This book is divided by grade with specific excerpts and lesson plans that integrate skills learned from folk songs with practice using classical selections found on the 4 CDs. Includes appendices of song lists, sources, games, & glossary. This comprehensive listening & learning resource is boon to all, even non-Kodaly teachers. 285 pp.
    Spiral Paperback & 4 CDs

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