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Get both the book by Veronique Massenot, illus. by Vanessa Hie and a Poster of the Three Musicians by Picasso.

The fable was inspired by Picasso's 1921 Cubist painting and recounts the heroics of a wandering trio of musicians and their dog. They bring the joys of song and dance to the villagers, who had long lived in gloom and fear of the fire-spewing dragon outside the village walls. When the inevitable battle ensues, fear turns to laughter as the musicians unleash Music and Art to vanquish the beast. Bold, brightly colored art familiarizes readers with Picasso’s style as the tale unfolds.

What's included:

  • The Three Musicians Hardback (21129)
    Includes a reproduction of the painting, and a summary of his use of images, symbols, theater, and music, along with his passionate pleas for world peace.
  • Poster (28527) 28" x 22".
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