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by Helen MacGregor.

These superb curricular kits introduce the building blocks of music—pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, texture, dynamics—with engaging listening activities and interactive whiteboard resources. Kids learn how to scaffold the elements of music when they create and perform their own music, inspired by music selections from around the globe.


What's included:

  • Listening to Music Elements for Ages 5-10 (21586)
    The first section—Duration—has the class identifying which instruments make short or long sounds and finding ways to alter those sounds. Then listening to Mu min xin ge Crocodile Snap. Then make a sound picture and sub instruments for the long and short sounds of Sounds In Space.
    Progresses logically through Dynamics, Tempo (using Little Train of the Caipira among others), Timbre (identifying unique qualities of sounds like rain, an aquarium, and recreating those vocally and instrumentally), Texture, Pitch (exploring Pythagoras on the Line by Simon Jeffes), and Structure.
    Music from China, West Africa, India, South America, and Europe.
  • Listening to Music Elements for Ages 7-14 (21587) 
    Exlore Duration with Unsquare Dance by Brubeck with its odd and even meter by clapping and moving, improvising on instruments. Then discover differences in Morse Code and Music languages with Inspector Morse and explore further with several more pieces.
    Progress through Dynamics, Tempo, Timbre, Texture (using Webern Five Pieces for Orchestra with its thin texture and wide variety of instruments, Night Music, and a Jamaican folksong Dis Long Time Gal that uses steel pans), Pitch, and Structure.
    Music from Indonesia, the Caribbean, India, the Pacific, South America and Europe Ages


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