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Exclusively from Music in Motion. Identify instruments by sight and sound in pre-reading games and activities with our complete kit.

What's included:

  • Rhythm Instruments Flashcards (1721)
    by Mary Ann Stewart.
    Boost pre-reading, listening, and music skills! Identify instruments by name, sight and sound, and use cards to cue instruments when to play. Develop pre-reading skills by placing cards in a pocket chart. Learn ensemble terms and explore different timbres by performing in Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, and Tutti. Kit includes 89 flashcards (4" x 5") of 9 different instruments plus tutti (for the full band), tempo and dynamics cards, & teaching tips. 
  • 9-Piece Rhythm Band Set (6009) includes 1 of each: triangle, pair of cymbals, tambourine, pair of sandpaper blocks, guiro, pair of maracas, pair of rhythm sticks, tick tock block, and hand drum.
  • Rhythm Instrument Bingo (6180) by Veronica Harper.
    Play listening and recognition games using everyday rhythm instruments: triangle, cymbals, tambourine, sandpaper blocks, guiro, maracas, rhythm sticks, tick-tock block, and hand drum. Game includes 30 student cards, instructions and other game ideas like Go Fish, Instrument Memory, and Find the Instrument; MP3 audio of different listening sequences; reproducibles including Memory and Go Fish game cards; instrument pictures to color, and activity sheets.

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