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  • LISTEN, SING, RATTLE, DING: Lesson Ideas to Take a Song a Long Way (7470)
    Mari Schay’s collection of folk songs for PreK-2 offers curricular tips to develop listening skills, introduce musical concepts and vocabulary, ensemble playing, conducting, and more! In Itsy Bitsy Spider, learn AB form, perform spider poem in duple/ triple meter, add sound effects instruments, and explore high/low vocal range. Teaching aids, word wall, and worksheets on the CD-ROM.
    Paperback & CD-ROM
  • SING AND PLAY THE GLOBAL WAY (7576) by Mari Schay.
    Spanish, French, Native American, Japanese, Czech, Caribbean, Indian, and African songs for voices and pitched and non-pitched percussion. Book includes scores, teaching tips, and extensions. Downloadable resources includes performance tracks, audio examples, foreign texts, printable vocal and instrumental scores. Gr. 2-8.
    Paperback & Downloadable Resources

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