WEE SING & Move Songbook & CD

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Are you ready to get up and move? Kids will love these action-filled songs which include circle games, marches, follow the leader, and freeze games. They can pretend to stomp like a dinosaur, fly an airplane, or even drive a race car. A variety of music is used, from the strum of a cowboy's guitar to the full sound of a classical orchestra. This collection will have children of all ages moving and dancing around the room.

39 songs to get you moving. Lots of favorites plus some originals, some piggyback tunes and a few to classical music excerpts. These are just good fun.
1 hr. CD and songbook with lyrics.

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1. Looby Loo
2. Old Brass Wagon
3. Pop! Goes the Weasel
4. Sally Go Round the Sun
5. Punchinello
6. The Merry-Go-Round
7. Ring Around the Rosy
8. The Hokey Pokey
9. Jim Along, Josie
10. The Toy Shop at Midnight
11. Reach for the Sky
12. Peter Hammers
13. Hey, Mr. Knickerbocker
14. Airplane
15. Head and Shoulders Chant
16. Head and Shoulders
17. Walking, Walking
18. Teddy Bear
19. The Land of Slow Motion
20. Animal Action
21. A Walk Through the Forest
22. The Freeze Game
23. The Land of Silly
24. The Dance Contest5. Punchinello
25. The Dinosaur Party
26. Brontosaurus
27. Pteranodon
28. Ornithomimu
29. The Cowboy/Old Texas
30. The Old Chisholm Trail
31. William Tell Overture
32. Bugs
33. Popcorn Ball
34. Race Car
35. Bones
36. Follow Me
37. March
38. Hansel and Gretel Dance
39. The Animal Parade

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