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More Great Dances for Children, Schools and Communities.

A sequel to Chimes of Dunkirk, this collection also by the New England Dancing Masters has 24 more dances from Canada, USA, and British Isles with a dance-length performance CD of 14 selections by fine traditional musicians. Many ages and ability levels can have a great time. Book has photos, diagrams, tune transcriptions.
Paperback & CD

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Selections include:

  • Quebec Reels
  • New England Jigs
  • Southern Reels
  • Blarney Pilgrim
  • Les Saluts
  • Irish Reel Medley
  • Forester's
  • Listen to the Mockingbird
  • Ocan Wave
  • First Night Quadrille
  • Butterfly Whirl
  • A'Rovin'
  • Irish Reel Medley 2
  • Franconia Waltz

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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