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The BWACKY TRACKS Demonstration DVD has been created to give teachers and students a chance to visualize the BWACKY TRACKS  Show before or while they are learning to perform it.

The viewer can choose between the four chapters available on the DVD:
Ch. 1: View the entire program
Ch. 2: Review the story
Ch. 3: Select and preview any scene on song
Ch. 4: Select and show a “singalong” track, which show the words to the song on the screen!

Included with the DVD is an abbreviated Song Performance CD with song sheet. The abbreviated songs cut the performance time for BWACKY TRACKS from about 30 minutes to 20 minutes, which is a good show length for younger audiences.

Additional Info

Track Listings:

1. In The Jungle
2. Anteaters
3. Scene 1
4. Crocodile
5. Scene 2
6. Lions
7. Scene 3
8. Tall Necks
9. Scene 4
10. Monkeys
11. Scene 5
12. Elephants
13. Scene 6
14. Friends Like You
15. Scene 7
16. In The Jungle (Reprise)


Listen to Samples:

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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