BOOMWHACKER BEATBAGS Primary & Intermediate Set

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Set of books & CDs by Bradley Bonner.

What's included:

  • Primary Boomwhackers (9446)
    Boomwhacker Lessons for Primary Grades Students!
    BLB Studios presents 8 exciting lessons with songs and Boomwhackers! Discover concepts of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre, form, and style. Each lesson uses all 8 diatonic tubes and is accompanied by a CD track to keep the class focused on the concepts being taught, with vocals on one side and performance track (no vocals) on the other.
  • Boomwhacker Beat Bag Intermediate Level (9445)
    Eight "fun-filled" Lessons for Boomwhackers and Assorted Diatonic Percussion Instruments.
    8 ensembles, each accompanied by a CD track, make innovative performance pieces. Each piece includes a fun-filled lesson on beat, rhythmic patterns, melody, and style. 3 sets of Boomwhackers for a class of 24 gives every student a tube, and every tube is used in all lessons.

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Primary Boomwhackers

Boomwhacker Beat Bag Intermediate Level

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