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Ready-To- Use Lessons and Reproducible Activities for the Classroom by Betsy Henderson.

Busy teachers/directors will find this practical, reproducible kit present concepts in a logical sequence, with explanation, vocabulary, activity and practice, all correlated to the National Standards. Games and extra activities encourage creativity and composition.

Great resource for substitute teachers. Grades 4-8

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Table of Contents:

Section 1 - Rhythm Readiness:
Introduction, Vocabulary

Section 2 - Rhythm Relevance:
Steady Beat, Rhythm Language, Rhythm of the Words, Making Notes, Note Values, Rest Values, Measures/Barlines, Rhythm Recap & Test

Section 3 - Rhythm Resources:
Flashcards, Time Signatures, Simple Meter, Compound Meter, Irregular Meter, Dotted Rhythms/Ties, Accents, Syncopation, Tempo, Rhythm Recap & Test

Section 4 -Rhythm Reaction:
Counting, Body Percussion, Ostinato, Conduction, Math/Music, Improvisation, Games, Listening Maps, Composition, Rhythm Recap & Test
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