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Multicultural and Contemporary Rhythms for K-8 Classrooms by Zig Wajler.

7 songs in musical styles from around the world, with reproducible visuals and rhythm parts, teaching and performance ideas, plus a hip CD with 74 play-along tracks. Traditional classroom rhythm instruments may be used to play the patterns and teaching suggestions are included.

Music styles/regions include Asian, Middle Eastern, African with hip-hop, Native American with hip-hop, North American rock, rain forest, and salsa. 

Engage kids in a multicultural variety of styles, while reinforcing independent rhythm reading, ensemble playing, and awareness of musical forms, that lead to their own compositions and orchestrations. 

Paperback and CD

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  • Desert Theme (Middle Eastern)
  • African Dance (Gahu from Ghana)
  • Native American Song (Native American with Hip-Hop)
  • America Rocks (North American Rock)
  • Trip to the Amazon and the Ocean (Sounds of the Rain Forest)
  • 3-2 Cuban Salsa (afro Caribbean)

Listen to Samples:

Play-Along Without Zig’s Rhythms
Play-Along With Zig’s Rhythms

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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