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By Richard Dasher.

Well written, in-depth study for grades 8 and up that takes teens and their music seriously. Revised in '94 to include new jazz forms, the merging of jazz and rock, the origins of rap, the history and proliferation of rock video, and the huge success of Michael Jackson and Madonna. Activities, listening guides, reading lists and glossary. 116 pp. Paperback.

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Table of Contents:

1. Popular Music, 1900-1950
2. Blacks and Blues
3. Where the Bluegrass Grows
4. The Beginnings of Rock and Roll
5. The British are Coming!
6. Surf's Up!
7. The Folk Movement
8. Etched in Acid
9. Soul, Memphis, Motown, and TSOP
10. Art Rock - Or is it?
11. Jazz-Rock and Fusion
12. Disco, Reggae, Punk, New Wave, and Whatever
13. The MTV Generation


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