Essentials of MUSIC THEORY - Book 2

Item No: 8802


by Andrew & Karen Surmani & Morton Manus.

An all-in-one course designed for students of any age. Learn the basics of theory through concise lessons which include practicing writing skills in the exercises, improving listening skills with ear training CDs, and review tests for each unit.
Book 2 contains 6 units, each consisting of instructional material (including written exercises), Ear Training and Review.

Also available are the Teacher's Answer Key for Essentials of Music Theory books (8804) and reproducible Teacher's Activity Kits (Book 1 8807 & Book 2 8808).

Additional Info

Topics covered:

  • Tetra chords and Major Scales
  • Key Signatures
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Intervals, Circle of Fifths
  • Perfect, Major and Minor Intervals
  • Augmented and Diminished Intervals
  • Solfege and Transposition
  • Sixteenth Notes/Rests
  • Dotted Eighth Notes and Eighth Note Triplets
  • Common Time and Cut Time
  • 3/8 and 6/8 Time Signatures
  • Pick-up Notes & Syncopation
  • Primary and Major Triads
  • Scale Degree Names
  • Dominant 7th Chord

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