COME ON DANCE! Paperback & CD

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by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter.

Sing, dance, move, and add classroom instruments to this upbeat collection of pieces. Songs with movement props, like scarves, parachute, spoons, and stretchy rainbow band, add variety and spice, along with accompaniments that jump and jive. Clear goals and extensions ensure conceptual learning along with music-making fun! Elem.
Paperback & CD

  • Move with the Motion conbines dance, singing and playing percussion, ukes, and recorders.  Imitate the moves, sing solfa with handsigns, add Orff instrument parts, add harmony, put it all together. 
  • Haida is a Hebrew folksong without words, so teach a grapevine dance, add body percussion, sing in solfa, add simple drum beats, play the melody on recorder, and more. 
  • Rainbow Rave uses a rainbow ring (co-op band) as a powerful visual and tactile tool for inclusion. All move together—even visually impaired can feel what is happening—and explore team work, new ideas, directional learning, pattern and more. 

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  • Hello
  • Beat Street
  • Funga Alafia (Nigeria)
  • Move with the Motion
  • Com On Dance
  • Haida
  • Edna the Elephant
  • The Dinosaur Rock
  • On with the Show
  • My Special Scarf
  • Rainbow Rave
  • Get in the Groove

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