I CAN . . . MOVE! Book & CD

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15 Movement Activities to Develop Coordination and Self-Expression for Gr. PreK- 1 by Barbara Meeks.

Research in the last few years has made it clear that children have multiple ways of learning and need multiple ways to express themselves. Featuring 15 expressive movement activities and simple songs, "I Can…Move!" is a valuable resource that will spark your students’ creativity and encourage self-expression.

An audio CD with 43 music tracks is included, and the additional 14 reproducible pencil-to-paper activities are provided to enhance the activities. With "I Can…Move!," students will practice many large motor skills, including marching, spinning, hopping, clapping, crawling, wiggling, stomping, tip-toeing, jumping, galloping, running, and dancing.

Paperback & CD

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  • I Can
  • I Can March
  • I Can Jump
  • I Can Spin
  • I Can Rest
  • I Can Hop
  • I Can Run
  • I Can Crawl
  • I Can Clap
  • I Can Wiggle
  • I Can Tip-Toe
  • I Can Stomp
  • I Can Dance
  • I Can Gallop
  • I Can Fly
  • I Can Float

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