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African & Jamaican-inspired Songs for Diatonic for Orff Ensembles by Jane Lamb.

The beat is irresistible! Get your audience on the edge of their seats and tapping their toes with these high-energy Orff ensemble pieces.

12 pieces for Gr. 4-5: 7 pieces in the style of the marimba music of Zimbabwe, Africa, and 5 pieces in the style of the marimba music of Jamaica. Scored for Orff instruments, drums, and hand-held percussion. Students can easily learn these creative works and will love performing them in concert.

So put on your straw hat and take your class to Africa and Jamaica to laugh, sing, dance, and play the rhythm grooves in ensemble. Teacher book includes full ensemble scores and performance suggestions. Print or project parts from CD.

Paperback & CD-ROM

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  • Calypso Town
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Come To The Island
  • Hey, Hey Jamaica
  • Jamaican Dance
  • Kuda (To Like)
  • Kudzoka (To Come Back)
  • Kuenda (To Go)
  • Kuseka (To Laugh)
  • Kusvika (To Arrive)
  • Kutamba (To Dance/Play)
  • Kutenda (To Thank)


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