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A Lighthearted Collection For Young Voices and, on occasion, kazoos, Boomwhackers®, and other kid-friendly instruments by Paul & Teresa Jennings & Karl Hitzemann.

Lighten up familiar classics with funny lyrics in arrangements for unison voices, kazoos, boomwhackers, and more. 

  • Toccata and Kazoogue in D Maybe has opportunities for found sounds. 
  • My Hat It Has Three Corners—in jazzy 5/4. Add sneezes to Furry Leez, with apologies to Beethoven. 
  • A quodlibet on William Tell’s Overshirt makes a rousing finale, should you choose to perform these 8 fractured classics on stage. 

Teaching and performance notes put the spit and polish on these clever arrangements. 
Paperback & P/A CD

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  • 2001 Kazoos (Also Sprach Zarakazoostra) - This dramatic opening to Richard Strauss' dramatic tone poem was popularized in the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. We have arranged it for full orchestra, kazoos, and Boomwhackers® - lots of fun!
  • Penguins Are Lousy Bowlers - We are pleased to bring you the first accurate English transcription of Mozart's famous aria, "La Ci Darem La Mano," the love song from Don Giovanni. Few people knew of Mozart's love of penguins and bowling.
  • On The (Formerly) Beautiful Blue Danube - The juxtaposition of this once lovely river and its waltz inspired this tribute to Strauss and Spike Jones with this fun-loving arrangement. It lets your kids have a great time with kazoos and Boomwhackers® against an orchestration of classical strings, lots of percussion, and slapstick winds.
  • Furry Leez (Für Elise) - So, who exactly was the "Elise" from Beethoven's bagatelle "Für Elise"? It's probably safe to say that this mystery person was not "Furry Leez," but it does make for a neat bit of silliness. You can have a lot of fun performing this one, making sure your singers really ham it up in the "almost sneezing" section.
  • Toccata And Kazoogue In D Maybe - Loosely based on the toccata section of J. S. Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, this arrangement lets your students perform it on kazoos and Boomwhackers® or any keyboard or mallet percussion, such as Orff marimbas or xylophones.
  • My Hat It Has Three Corners - This old folk song has two different branches: It is both a children's activity song and, on the more serious side, its melody is known in the classical music world as "Carnival Of Venice."
  • My Hat It Has Five Corners - This song is a great way to introduce your classes to more complex meters, such as 5/4, and the coolness of jazz.
  • William Tell's Overshirt - Our Spike Jones-like take on Rossini's famous "William Tell Overture" lets your students have a go at kazoos, Boomwhackers® and/or mallets, as well as a pile of percussion instruments.
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