SPRING SONGS Songbook & Audio

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Music from Around the World for Orff Ensemble
by Robert A. Amchin

Beautiful songs and instrumental pieces about Spring from around the world. Included are lesson plans and teaching suggestions and a CD-ROM with full color visuals in .jpg and .tif formats for your interactive whiteboard or for making transparencies.

Two versions of each visual are also on the CD-ROM, one with rich color for your whiteboard, the other black and white for transparencies.

Also included are full scores in .tif and .pdf formats. Each full score can be imported into your presentation software or printed using one of these formats if you wish to emphasize note reading.

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Songs from America
  • Oats, Peas, Beans
  • Crawdad Hole
  • Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit
  • Old Molly Hare

Songs from Overseas
  • Chairs to Mend (England)
  • El Floron (Mexico)
  • Atzey Zetim Omdim (Israel)
  • Alle Meine Entchen (Germany)
  • Clever Bird (Russia)
  • Hotaru Koi (Japan)
  • Parangsai (Korea)

Seasonal Poetry
  • Springtime Rap
  • Teaching Examples Using Haiku
  • Summary of Teaching Strategies
  • Modeling Process for Teaching Accompaniments
  • Echo Teaching
  • Teaching without Echoing
  • Learning Songs in Foreign Languages
  • Teaching Canons and Rounds

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