DRUMAGINATION: A Rhythmic Playbook Spiral Bound & DVD

Item No: 7556


by Dave Holland

A Rhythmic Play Book for Music Teachers, Music Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators.

Activities grouped to Break the Ice, Make Connections, and Shake It Up. 

Incorporate song and interactive play to any group with these unique collections of rhythm-based interactive games and activities with easy-to-follow instructions—all skillfully presented by a master facilitator.

Play, add story, movement, and circle songs, use all kinds of rhythmic tools, woods, metals, shakers, drums, body percussion, voices and jump-start the music-making with enthusiastic DVD demos.

Each interactivity is clearly presented with objective, instruments needed, setup, the play, variations and the pay off. Dave's ideas cater to all ability levels and ages, and the activities are adaptable to whatever instruments you have.

Spiral Paperback & DVD 

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