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Repetition is the best way to practice. Getting your students to read melodically by Heather Morris.

Ostinati are short, easily changed, provide instant harmony, and offer quick success in limited classroom time. This clever book combines solfege reading of rounds and folk songs with ear-pleasing ostinati. Simple lesson plans and a variety of activities from writing through movement further the process. The P/A CD provides a good vocal model, too. Gr. Pre-K - 6.

Spiral Paperback & CD

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1. Chairs to Mend
2. Ickle Ockle
3. Scotland's Burning
4. Rain Come Wet Me
5. Liza Jane
6. Now We'll Make the Rafters Ring
7. Ifea's Castle
8. Go to Sleep
9. Alabama Gal
10. Shake Them 'Simmons Down
11. Let's Catch the Rooster
12. Closet Key
13. Alouette
14. Chatter With the Angels
15. Rocky Mountain
16. Canoe Song
17. This Old Hammer
18. Goodbye Old Paint
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