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Games & Songs to Get Kids Moving
by Jill and Michael Gallina.

A lively new kid-tested kit of songs, games & movement activities! Game instructions & suggested movements are contained within the song lyrics.

Each music and movement game is a mini-lesson that can be extended to a full instructional period contributing not only to a child's musicianship, but also to the child's all-around academic success.

This budget-stretching classroom kit is reproducible and contains an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks, poster and program, clip art, and composers' info. Gr. K-2.

Paperback & CD

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Track Listings:

1 &   9. The Color Game
2 & 10. Hand Jivin'
3 & 11. The Mirror Game
4 & 12. Pass the Beanbag
5 & 13. The Chicken Song
6 & 14. The Statue Game
7 & 15. The Beanbag Rock
8 & 16. Alphabet Soup

9-16 Accompaniments


Listen to Samples:

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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